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KSP API Documentation

This is community-generated documentation for the KSP API. It has been assembled through the efforts of a number of people. If you want to contribute, read the instructions at the Github project.

Where to start

Probably the best place to start browsing this documentation is the class list.

Documentation in your IDE

You can download an XML documentation file that will integrate this documentation with Visual Studio or MonoDevelop. Download Assembly-CSharp.xml and place it next to Assembly-CSharp.dll in the KSP_Data/Managed folder. Now VS or MonoDevelop will show the documentation in tooltips and in the object browser.

What to do when the documentation is incomplete

  1. Look at the source code of a mod that does something similar to what you are trying to do.
  2. Look through Assembly-CSharp.xml in the object browser and see if you can find any classes with likely-sounding names. Then try them out. This is how this documentation was put together in the first place.
  3. Once you learn how to use a class or member that's not documented here, you should contribute your new-found knowledge to make the documentation better. See the instructions for how to to help here.

Resources for beginning plugin coders